I have discovered the easiest way to make an instructional video, it is called Screenr! Literally all you have to do is go to the website and it has a box that you can fit to your computer screen and hit record. It records your voice as well as whatever you do on your screen. It’s basically a video form of a screen capture. This was required for my education class, but I really think that I will be able to use this technology not only for teaching, but also for just life in general. As long as your video is under five minutes it’s free! I will definitely be using Screenr again! If you want to see my video I made the link is down below.



For my education 240 class we had to create a webquest. I chose to use the website zunal. After looking through examples of other webquests that teachers had posted, I got a pretty good idea of what my task would be. Zunal was very self explanatory, I did not have trouble figuring anything out. I did my webquest on the water cycle. My favorite part was how I made a simplified lesson plan that gave the students a way to work together and be creative. I wish I could see how this would actually play out in the classroom, but I believe it would go really well! I would recommend this to teachers who are looking to incorporate technology in their lessons, but do not want to give the students free range on the internet. If you would like to check out my webquest the link is down below.




At first when I was told that I was going to have to make a clicker presentation, I got a bit scared. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to figure out how to use the TurningPoint technology, but it turned out to be not so bad. I was actually shocked with how easy it turned out to be. I made my Powerpoint on different types of triangles, which was a good topic to make a clicker quiz on, and the process turned out to be very easy to use. If you are someone out there scared to use clickers or something similar, my advice would be to dive in and give it a try. I feel like it could be very beneficial for students. They can get automatic feedback whether the clicker quiz is practice or graded, which I happened to love when I was a student. Also, it makes grading easy for the teacher! Clickers save on paper and scantrons, which everyone knows can be a pain. So all in all I enjoyed using clickers, and I plan to use them in future lesson plans! 🙂

 In Education Technology at Liberty University, we had to do an interactive SMART Board Activity for our first assignment. Although I had used a SMART board a few times in high school to do simple activities such as work out a math problem, I never had to actually plan a lesson using one. For my project, I found an educational website that had lots of interactive games on it(link at the bottom). Although we had the option of creating our own game such as Jeopardy, I decided to use what the internet already had. I did my project on identify types of triangles for a fifth grade level. The SMART board activity I used had a quick review of the different types of triangle, and then it gave a Venn diagram and pictures of triangles. The student was then responsible for sorting the triangle into what class or classes it belonged in. It was a simple activity, but served the purpose of a review or guided practice activity. Sometimes to me it seems that the technology that teachers use in the classroom becomes too complicated and ends up not serving much of a purpose, which is why I choose to keep my project simple and too the point. 

My presentation of the activity was well recieved. Even though the activity did not have a really fun theme to it, I think my fellow classmates could see the practicality of using it in a classroom. Now that I am familiar with the SMART board, I feel as though I will be more confident to use it in future lessons. Also, now I feel that I have a broader knowledge of what is out there for me to use. If you have not yet searched the web for such resources, I would encourage you to do so! There seems to be a large amount, and I feel as though I have barely dipped my feet in!